Here I would like to compile a list of all the people who have contributed their time, advice, expertise, hands, money, or materials to this project. The list is ever growing but for now thank you to…

  • My father Lon for the infinite guidance and help
  • My mother Peggy for believing in this project, playing photographer, and always keeping her eye out for materials.
  • My sister Andra for supporting me and playing photographer
  • Maggie for helping me get in contact with her tiny house guru cousin
  • Pepper (Maggie’s tiny house guru cousin) for referring me to Iron Eagle Trailers
  • Iron Eagle Trailers for being such a friendly, helpful company
  • The Thomas family for their generous contribution of redwood, wiring, and plumbing supplies
  • The Ongaro family for kindly allowing me to raid their used materials
  • Martin for helping us lift and settle the subfloor. We could NOT have done this by ourselves.
  • Saul for being my favorite skipper and for helping us sail through the last bit of the subfloor build in a single afternoon. It was a breeze with you there. You’re almost as good at tacking down floors as you are at tacking!  (haha, sailing puns.. ok I’ll stop.)
  • Andrew for taking my wacky drawings and transforming them into a 3D piece of art, helping me to visualize my future home (Those beers are coming!)
  • Ejay for frequent advice, manpower, and time.
  • Kurt for helping me put up the wall and still wanting to be my friend after almost dying.
  • Kate for helping put up the wall even though all she wanted was to sleep off her jet lag
  • Joe for being the most supportive partner he could be, for listening to me stress and cuss over my project on a daily basis, and for always saying yes when I’ve needed an extra set of hands.
  • Adam Knight for coming to help lift the second wall even after a long night and morning of getting his own hard work done.

Really, I would like to thank every one of my friends and family, even those not listed above. Your encouragement and enthusiasm are what make this project feel possible.

More thank yous to come! I am overflowing with love and gratitude for the wonderful people surrounding me and all of the support I have to guide me through this amazing, fulfilling stage of my life.

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