Three Tiny House Accomplishments I Haven’t Bragged About Before

I made some progress on the 160House interior this month but nothing I feel like gloating about yet. So I thought I’d revisit a few past accomplishments that I never publicly patted myself on the back for.

1. Wiring the House: A Powerful Experience

Wiring Step 1: Make holes

Did you know I did my own electrical? I know right… I should get some fire insurance.

But seriously. Between advice from my dad and this generous literary gift from my friend Ejay, I was able to plan and lay the electrical for my entire house.

Cover of a book called "Quick and Basic Wiring" b

Rad Dad did the final hookups though so I think the house is only 20% likely to burst into flames.

But hey, for having no previous experience, I think I did a shockingly good job.

2. Plumbing the House: What a Rush

Just me and some long legos.

Around the time I was wiring my tiny house and thinking up hilarious electricity puns, I was also plumbing my home with PEX. I bragged about this a bit on my Instagram. But not to my adoring blog readers such as yourself.

PEX was actually pretty fun to use. One friend described it as playing with legos, but plumbing. Basically, you run semi-flexible plastic tubing through your walls and then pop and clamp them into place wherever they need to go. Much easier (and safer) than melting copper pipes together.

Plus, when you install PEX you get to use this badass looking crimping tool for clamping down the ends.

We also used PEX to build a sprinkler system in the ceiling. You know… to put out the inevitable electrical fire.

Overall, I’d say the plumbing installation went swimmingly.

3. Installing Ceiling: Can’t Keep Me Down

Ah, the ceiling. The wall of the sky…

The underside of the upper portion of the 16House was the first interior finish I installed. I decided to run boards instead of using plane sheetrock. And I whitewashed them myself.

My dad and I spent several workdays up in the rafters, yelling at each other about holding boards in the right position. You know, basic father-daughter bonding stuff. And in the end, it turned out beautiful.

So you know, things are really looking up.

Bonus Brag!

Full confession… The reason for writing this quick and dirty post is that I’m about to go have a blast in the desert at Burning Man. And prep work has taken over my life. Seriously, I’ve never worked so hard to have fun. So sorry for any hastily made errors (but not for the puns).

So I’m out of here for a couple weeks. Which sadly means a brief stall in tiny house progress. But fear not, I’ll think of something else to congratulate myself for in writing when I get back.

And if you’re also headed to Black Rock City, you can find me in Camp Bad Idea at 6:30 and E!

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