I’ve Lowered My Standards and Achieved Tiny House Enlightenment

The 160 House dream team has been kicking ass lately, in and out of the tiny house realm. Lon Wiley aka Rad Dad went to the Senior Olympics and took home a 2nd place medal in the 1500 meter race plus 5th place ribbons in the 800 meter and the 5K. And while Rad Dad aka Speedy McFastman was racing to victory, I’ve been sprinting headfirst into a new career.

Rad Dad crushing it like always.

In March I left behind the lawless lands of non-profit life for the untamed wilds of freelance writing. And I have to say, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Every day I get to grow my skills and help people tell their stories. You can learn more about that by checking out my website WileyWords.com

But for the 160House, it’s meant a huge change in my workflow. First, I get to make my own schedule. So I’ve given myself two full days every week dedicated to tiny housing. And second, I now have a real reason to GET. SHIT. DONE. 

You see, I love what I’m doing for work so much that I’d love to be doing much much more of it. And all this tiny house time is cutting into my writing-for-money time. The extra hours and this new boost in motivation have resulted in some serious progress. 

Drywall Sheetrocks My World

The biggest development since my last update is that the 160House now has walls… on the INSIDE! We used 1/2inch drywall instead of 3/4inch to keep weight down. Plus it was much easier on my spaghetti arms. 

This part of the process was one of my favorites so far. From installing the walls to taping and mudding and finally painting my first coat of primer. It was messy and it was hard work but it was also satisfying and even kind of fun. It felt like a big art project. And every day I’d go home with my hair thick with the dust of drywall cement, feeling a growing sense of accomplishment. 




Now that the drywall is up and primed, it’s time to start painting and then installing all my cabinets and plumbing fixtures. And theeeen it’s time for detailing. So pretty much… we’re getting sort of, kind of close-ish to being done. 

When I asked Rad Dad, “Are we almost there?” he just gave me a pitying look and a sympathetic chuckle and said, “We’ve got a ways.” So despite our sped up progress, it looks like I still might be building this house for the rest of eternity.

Not to mention that freelancing has given me more time but less money. An inconvenient point in my life to coincide with my most expensive tiny house purchases like appliances and plumbing fixtures.

But there is one other way I can speed up progress…

Lowering My Standards

Good Enough” has become my mantra. “Fuck it” is my battle cry. I no longer care if my home is catalog-worthy or if the details are just right. I’m happy with a DIY vibe, a house with chAraCter. So… cabinet doors? Who has the time? Let there be curtains. Build in a desk? Why would I? I’ve got one that works just fine. Matching appliances? Why, when I found these for free on Craigslist?

Tell the children: When you lower your ambitions, all goals become possible! 

Lower Your Expectations.png
I mean it’s basically Taoism… (Photo by Marion Michele. Words added by me.)

Work hard, remember what you’re working towards, and be willing to compromise your dreams… these are the ingredients for happiness and a successful tiny house build. 

Follow the160House on Instagram for more updates and regular-ish pictures of my build (And one great picture of my butt).

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