Excuse Me

June and early July were busy times for me. The space I had to work on the house was widdled down by weddings, family and old friends visiting from out of state and out of country, and 4th of July festivities. This was, of course, on top of my two jobs and very important social life. As proof of my busyness I present to you this album. I call it “Excuses.”

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However! Despite limited time, I still managed to get in enough work for a real update!

Last month we left our heroine hunting down cedar siding at an affordable price. Well, I found some siding at a rate I guess some would call affordable but unfortunately it does not come in the right length! I had been hoping for unbroken lines on the sides of the house but it looks like I will have to get over it and settle for staggered siding.

As of now, I am not over it, and as part of my sulking process I have been delaying the purchase. Sadly, this means that this month’s update does not include exciting pictures of the house starting to look like a house.

Instead, the last 4 weeks turned out to be the month of utilities. I finished running and stapling pretty much all of the electrical lines.

Satisfying af. (Full confession, these picture are actually not from this month but I did do more electrical recently and I hadn’t posted about it yet so I don’t feel bad…)

My dad and I ran all the PEX tubing for my plumbing.

All hot water all the time.

I bought a water heater and some shower controls.

And we built this nifty box on the back of the house for my water heater and some extra storage.

This is where I’ll keep my rabbits.

That concludes my quick update. I had to write this blog in just a short hour and a half. For reasons why see “Excuses” above. 

Thank you always and forever to my dad for his mentorship, thank you to all of my incredible friends and family who made the past few weeks so hectic and wonderful, and thank you for reading.

It has recently come to my attention that some people do in fact read this blog. Two whole people approached me this past month to tell me they enjoyed my tiny house adventures and they knew too much to have just read the Cliff Notes. Maybe those are my only two readers but whatever the case thank you, thank you both, or thank you all. Your attention and support motivate me to stick with this project on days I would rather be making excuses.

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